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10.31 | October 2018

New Photos Posted! October 2018 Sunrises are awesome every day, but on certain days and from certain locations (like home!), they are even more special! Eeeek!  I've been so busy with personal projects lately that I haven't been able to upload new photos. Featured this month are photos taken in Seattle and Lake Anna, Barberton, Ohio at the Mum Festival. Galleries are sorted with the most recently uploaded photos appearing first. Enjoy! ~ Kelley Check Out New Photos Now!

10.09 | The first one...

I feel obligated to tell you this is my first blog post here.  Maybe, technically, my second after this one. I am not sure how much I will blog, but I will include a reference to any new pictures and blog posts in my monthly recap e-mail.  Shameless plug, I know.  But, head over to the blue box to the right -----> and subscribe.  Just do it.  It's one e-mail once a month!  All photos will eventually make their way to our social media pages too.  Hint: another way to follow our activity! So that being said, welcome to Broken Road Images! This website is a labor of love.  Love of the beauty everywhere I look.  Beauty that I want to share with you.  Some photos are more breathtaking than others, but still: beauty. If you've spent any time so far looking at my portfolio, you will notice one thing: the lack of people.  It's not that I don't photograph people, because I do, but I have private galleries for "people" photos.  Maybe someday I'll po