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Three Things I Wish All Moms Knew Before Their Family Session

Being a mom myself, I remember the early days when I stressed over milestone photos and family portraits with perfectly matching clothes!  Please believe me when I say that the stress I put on myself was not worth it!  Here are the three things I wish all moms knew before their family session. Your Session Means As Much to Me as to You! I know how much I treasure my family photos, and I want you to treasure your photos as much as I treasure mine!  Believe me when I say that I am honored to work with you and your family.  You are not just another photo shoot in my calendar!  I am truly blessed for every photo that I am able to shoot.  I hope you are as thrilled as I am about your photos!  I can't wait for you to share them with all of your family and friends! Kids Will Be Kids My favorite photos are the candid moments that just can't be recreated!  I often see adults nervous about having their pictures taken while kids are beyond excited.  Sometimes a little t

Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt is real.  And, luckily, it has a fun and easy fix! When my kids were 6 & 3, I decided to sit down and organize my family photos.  Let me tell you how that seemingly simple task made me feel like I failed as a mom! I had tens of thousands of digital pictures of my kids that were OK but nothing special.  And, even worse, I noticed how few pictures I had of my whole family with me included.  Any pictures that did include me were selfies that were either out of focus or they cut off half of someone's face. I'll tell you what I did to reclaim my confidence in my mom skills: I booked a session for my family with a professional photographer. Within a week, my home had new portraits of my whole family with me included that I was proudly displaying on my walls! My name is Kelley Brubaker.  I am a professional photographer based in Bath, Ohio and I am looking forward to connecting with you! Let's get you out from behind your cell phone's camera