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Decorate the Walls: 3 Reasons to Print Your Photos!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Hanging pictures on the wall is natural; cavemen and Egyptians were decorating the walls of their caves and pyramids thousands of years ago.  And, although the type of memories hung on a home's walls has evolved with technological advances from hieroglyphics to paintings to photographs, the reason for the pictures is the same: memories. We live in a digital age.  With so many digital devices within reach all day long that help us take more pictures than ever before, we end up with thousands of photos stored on our phones and computers and less photos printed. But, here are 3 reasons that your photos should be printed: (1) Photographs capture a moment in time.  With thousands of photos on our phones and computers, printed photographs hung on the walls of our homes are easily identified by our family and friends as our favorite memories; printed family photographs instantly become heirlooms to our children. (2) Moreover, psychologist

What to Expect at Your Photo Session With Me

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”  ― Alexander Pope It can be nerve-wracking to book a photo session - I get it!  I've been there too.  It's an investment of your time and money, both of which are very precious to you. The thing is, I want you to be as excited about our appointment as I am!  I'm not the right photographer for every client; that's OK.  While you've been able to read a little bit about me on my "about" page , I'm sure you are thinking... "what am I really getting into with Kelley????"  Hmm....well, let's see! Overall, I have 3 rules: Have fun. Have more fun. See rules 1 & 2. Seriously though, I love photography!  I have had a "serious" career that burned me out primarily because it wasn't fun.  And after some soul searching, I realized that I had an opportunity with a lifetime hobby that could inject fun back into my daily life. I am a mom