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Why I started My Photography Business

I know that you know the obvious answer: I love taking photographs!  And I really do.  I lugged a camera case of 30 rolls of 35 mm film through Italy before digital cameras were available!  But to start a photography business is a labor of love; it's just not taking awesome photos.  So, how did I get where I am today?

I've always been strong willed and independent.  For as long as I can remember, I've set my eyes on a goal and put my nose to the grindstone until I reached my goal.  There's been success; there's been heart ache.  So far, I've lived a great life!

But, after 10 years of working for "the man", I decided that it was time to gamble and venture out into the world of self employment!  Back then, I was a CPA by day while my photography was a weekend hobby.  I took a calculated risk and opened my first company which was a CPA firm.  And, boy was I busy from the start.  Busy with bookkeeping, taxes and payroll, I quickly got bored with my work, although I loved my clients.  Then, I became intrigued with the radio and TV ads about fixing tax problems.  I decided to niche my CPA firm to focus only on solving tax problems.  How exciting, right?  Fight the IRS and live to tell about it!

Well, it was more exciting than preparing taxes but my kids were starting to grow up and head to school.  They started developing interests in new activities and hobbies which renewed my passion about photography.  While being a CPA paid the bills, I longed for a creative outlet.  I realized that photography on the weekends just wasn't enough for me anymore.

I started taking more hikes with my camera.  I carried my camera on bike rides.  To the park.  On shopping trips.  I became obsessed with my camera.  Then, I started to notice how I was more excited about my photo shoots than fighting with the IRS.

My photography business started with a website full of my landscape and nature photographs.  That satisfied me for almost 6 months.  

Then, fate stepped in.

While attending the Wye Road Bridge Lighting, an annual Black Friday event in my home town of Bath, Ohio, I noticed that the cute, red barn near the bridge event was empty.  In an instant I realized how perfect it was: inside it was a perfect layout for a photography studio, the side door opened to a landscaped yard for outdoor session, and extra space to store props!  

I asked someone at the event what they knew about the status of the barn and in the blink of any eye, every piece fell into place!  It was available starting December 1st!  Rent was reasonable, and the landlord was easy going.  I didn't even hesitate to scoop it up before I even had a business plan worked out! 

Since renting the barn for my studio, I started to scale back my CPA firm work while I work to get my photography studio launched.  I've had so much fun so far with getting the studio setup and shopping for studio props.  I know how blessed I am!  And, while I love shooting at my studio, I'm just as excited to meet clients at a park or favorite hang out for a photo shoot.
୫  ୫  ୫  ୫  ୫

My mission with photography is to capture the moments of your life: belly laughs, smiles, excited faces, hugs, tears of joy, and loving glances.  Let's have some fun!  Click on the button below to schedule your photo shoot with me.  It's quick and easy!


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